Lexus of Edmonton and Royal Oaks Partnership

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In our latest video, Aness Handous with Tailored Interior Inc. Design Studio speaks with Bruce Kirkland, Dealer Principal from Lexus of Edmonton West. Bruce reveals details of the new partnership between Royal Oaks and Lexus of Edmonton. Royal Oaks, a luxury residential development south of Summerside in Edmonton, is equally excited by the partnership. We are ready to make magic happen in Edmonton's most exiting new residential developments.

CancomR Corporation, Royal Oaks, and Lexus of Edmonton West have linked their brands to create an amazing customer experience that truly goes above and beyond. The luxury car dealership offers a customer experience that exceeds all expectations. It's a natural fit with Royal Oaks, where luxury living is accented by quality brands and quality craftsmanship across Edmonton. With Lexus and Royal Oaks offering the best in design, comfort, and quality, residents of Royal Oaks can now enjoy a luxury experience from home, to work, and back again. Royal Oaks and Lexus of Edmonton; every day living made better.


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