CancomR Corporation Experts Visit Fort McMurray

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This weekend, September 21-23, CancomR Corporation will be live on site at the Fort McMurray Fall Trade Show. Yuvraj Verma, co-founder of leading land developer within Alberta’s Edmonton International Corridor, is expected to be among the exhibitors present at the trade show.

The Fort McMurray Tourism Trade Show is the largest consumer trade show in the region. On-site businesses cater to home and garden goods, personal well-being, shopping, and recreation. The fall trade show will take place at MacDonald Island Park from September 21-23.

Mr. Verma will be sharing exclusive information about the commercial development occurring in the Edmonton International Corridor. Movement in this area has been rapid, with local and international players quick to stake their claims on some of the most valuable land currently available in Alberta. It’s important that all Albertans are educated about the Corridor’s development, as it represents billions of dollars of economic growth for Alberta in the coming years.

The proximity of the Corridor to the Edmonton International Airport makes it a prized international destination for tourists, investors, and international business visitors. The development of hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, and other tourist hotspots in the region has only just begun, with investment opportunities still available directly from the developer. Mr. Verma will share his expertise and first-hand knowledge of the development currently taking place.




As the co-founder of CancomR Corporation, I’m proud to be building strong foundations for families in Alberta. It’s important that we develop holistic, soulful communities where residents can breathe the open air, take in incredible views, and enjoy nature walks with their family and friends. My greatest passion lies in making real estate accessible to families. I am a strong believer in developing more approachable real estate strategies where benefits are being realized for generations. It’s about more than just the roads and the street lights; it’s about creating beautiful neighborhoods where the residents feel safe, happy, and peaceful.

Throughout the past 12 years, I’ve been focused on educating investors and families about the exciting opportunities available in the Alberta market, specifically in the Edmonton International Corridor. I take it as my personal responsibility to share the most current and relevant information to my audience, to help people glimpse this billion-dollar world through the eyes of an experienced developer.


Plan Your Visit


If you'd like to learn more about the opportunities in the Edmonton International Corridor or the Fort McMurray Tourism Trade Show, please connect with Yuvraj on LinkedIn. He would be happy to help you plan your trip to the Fall Trade Show. You can also view the Fort McMurray Tourism website.


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