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Leduc County, AB— CancomR Corporation has announced an exclusive “Buy a Lot Now, Pay in Three Years” promotion for select stage 5 lots in Royal Oaks. The Leduc County community known for luxury homes and flexible development options announced this promotion after four successful stages in Royal Oaks.

With sales in stage 5 beginning to trickle in, the developer has launched the exclusive promotion to give potential clients an opportunity to benefit from the economic downturn. Here’s how it works: “Buy a Lot Now, Pay in Three Years” allows clients to put a down payment on a lot to hold the land. For the next 36 months clients pay a calculated monthly amount based on the agreement signed with CancomR Corporation. After three years, clients may mortgage the remaining amount, should there be any.

Yuvraj Verma, co-owner of CancomR Corporation, said:

“We are proud to announce the Buy a Lot Now, Pay in Three Years promotion. We want to give future clients the opportunity to develop the land at their own pace and most importantly, to have the freedom to develop it how they wish. While we can build their new custom home for them, the lot holder has the freedom to choose any developer they wish to build their new home—something increasingly difficult to find in Alberta.”

“Further to that, the skilled and the creative can be their own builder on lots purchased at Royal Oaks—also an uncommon practice for developers in Alberta. We believe in the freedom to live in a home you truly want, and we will help our clients achieve that in any way we can.”

CancomR Corporation is offering obligation-free, one-on-one tours of Royal Oaks for those who want to see the area to decide if it will be a good fit for their lifestyle. An expert in the industry will be available to give insightful information and answer questions.

Those interested or considering can learn more on

About CancomR Corporation:

CancomR Corporation is a privately owned real estate investment, land development and home building company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Since its incorporation in 2006, CancomR Corporation has been active in the acquisition and development of residential, commercial and industrial land. CancomR Corporation creates opportunities for clients by offering diverse investment options, developed lots and custom-built family homes in high demand locations.

For more information, please contact:

Yuvraj Verma, Media Office

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